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Company Information    
  Name of Company(English) : Lets Play Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
  ชื่อบริษัท(ภาษาไทย) : เล็ทส์เพลย์ เอ็นเตอร์เทนเม้นท์ บริษัท จำกัด
  Address : 893/78 Soi Sukhumvit 50, Sukhumvit Road, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei,
  Province : Bangkok
  Postcode : 10260
  Telephone : 02-002-7539
  Fax :
  Email :
  Webpage :
  Company Profile (Eng) : We are IT solution company that provides services in Mobile App Solutions Mobile Game Solutions and Mobile Payment Solutions
  Company Profile (ไทย) : เราเป็นบริษัทไอทีโซลูชันที่ให้บริการใน โซลูชั่นแอพมือถือ โซลูชั่นเกมมือถือ และ โซลูชั่นการชำระเงินมือถือ

Contact Person      
  Name-Surname(English) : Mr.
  ชื่อ-สกุล(ไทย) :
  Position :
  Email :
  Telephone :
  Mobile :

Type of Business    
  IT Service / IT Outsourcing : No
  Software Development : Yes
  Software Integration : No
  Software Package : Yes
  Other :

Area of Specialization Industry Focus
  1. Cloud
1. Automotive
2. Construction/ Real Estate/ Property
3. Consulting
4. Education/ Library
5. Food/Beverage
6. Finance/Securities/Banking/Brokerage/Insurance/Leasing
7. General Industry
8. Health/ Medical care
9. Import/Export/EDI
10. Manufacturing
11. Medical and Healthcare
12. Printing/ Publishing
13. Retail/Wholesale/Trading
14. Telecommunications/Mobile
15. Textile
16. Tourism (Hotel/Spa/Restaurant/Hospitality/etc.)

Product / Service    
  Product / Service Name 1 : Responsive Web Design and Development
  Product / Service Description 1 : We provide a professional web design service with Content Management System or CMS. The system allows your website to easily contribute and publish content through a back office.
  Product / Service Name 2 : Responsive eCommerce Web Design and Development
  Product / Service Description 2 : We take your product, the latest in design techniques and best practice then bind them into a solution that fits your business. Making your eCommerce website design responsive to mobile and tablet devices is crucial and will make significant improvements
to your online sales and conversions.
  Product / Service Name 3 : Web Based Application Development
  Product / Service Description 3 : A web based application is a software that can be accessed through the web browser such as IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and etc.
The software and database reside on a central server rather than being installed on the desktop system and is accessed over a network. We combine our solid technical expertise, business experiences, profound knowledge of latest trends in the industry and a quality driven delivery model to offer progressive, end to end solutions such as ERP, CRM and Loyalty, HRM, Online Training, Online Rental, Online Booking, Online Customer Service, Project Management, etc.