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Company Information    
  Name of Company(English) : B&R TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Co.,Ltd.
  ชื่อบริษัท(ภาษาไทย) : บีแอนด์อาร์ เทคโนโลยี คอร์เปอร์เรชั่น บริษัท จำกัด
  Address : 99/176 Soi Ladprao41, Ladprao Road, Chankasem, Jatujak
  Province : Bangkok
  Postcode : 10900
  Telephone : 021172274
  Fax : 021172275
  Email :
  Webpage :
  Company Profile (Eng) : B&R Technology Corporation is a specialist of Information Technology for Management as “All-in-One” beginning from Hardware support, System Software, IT Consulting Service, Design and Maintenance the large database and analysis development of system software as System Integrator Service. B&R Technology Corporation drives the business by focusing on the customer’s business objective as the main point. B&R Technology Corporation Also provides the service and outsourcing system to the various of the organization in Thailand. B&R Technology Corporation also considers the system and software that suitable to the specific business

Contact Person      
  Name-Surname(English) : Mr. pittaya benjaphalakorn
  ชื่อ-สกุล(ไทย) : พิทยา เบญจพลากร
  Position : CEO
  Email :
  Telephone : 021172274
  Mobile : 0894442230

Type of Business    
  IT Service / IT Outsourcing : Yes
  Software Development : Yes
  Software Integration : Yes
  Software Package : No
  Other :

Area of Specialization Industry Focus
  1. Accounting
2. Banking / Financial / Investment / Insurance
3. Business / Project Management
4. Business Planning
1. Animation/Game/ Edutainment/Digital Content
2. Consulting
3. Food/Beverage
4. Finance/Securities/Banking/Brokerage/Insurance/Leasing
5. General Industry
6. Government
7. Health/ Medical care
8. Import/Export/EDI
9. Logistics/ Transportation/GIS
10. Retail/Wholesale/Trading
11. Telecommunications/Mobile
12. Tourism (Hotel/Spa/Restaurant/Hospitality/etc.)

Product / Service    
No Product and Service