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Company Information    
  Name of Company(English) : Joyfulness Co.,Ltd.
  ชื่อบริษัท(ภาษาไทย) : จอยฟูลเนส บริษัท จำกัด
  Address : 1000/59 P.B.Tower, 15 Floor, North KlongTan, Wattana
  Province : Bangkok
  Postcode : 10110
  Telephone : 023913559
  Fax :
  Email :
  Webpage :
  Company Profile (Eng) : Joyfulness Technology Consulting and Solution is a regional management consulting firm which commits to deliver breakthrough results. Combined, the founders have over 40 years of direct experiences in Advanced Management, Information Technology, eCommerce, Marketing, Finance, and Operations. Our expertise consultant and team come from a wide variety of exceptional background. They hold Bachelors to Doctoral degrees in all disciplines. (e.g., Google, True, Rocket Internet, Lazada, Sony, Harvard, Reuters, NUS and more) We offer services; - E-Commerce platform & solution - Digital Marketing, Online marketing and Social media - PR, Branding - Research & Development, Statistics - Business Strategy, Financial Feasibility - Cloud Integration (Amazon) - SaaS e.g., Amazon, Atlassian, Zendesk - Web and App Development - Specific Consulting with experts (Made to order) Motto: Passion for an excellence is our breath Example of Clients: Central, ETDA, SIPA, GH Bank, SWU CAS, NBTC More detail: Quote from our CEO in Forbes, 2016 ”In Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand, e-commerce is changing the way people think about shopping” explains Kulthirath Pakawachkrilers, an e-commerce specialist and the managing director of Joyfulness Co., a Bangkok-based technology consulting firm. “E-commerce and social commerce are becoming a major part of the shopping culture in Thailand.” “Thailand will be the hub of e-commerce and e-payments among ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2017,” she predicts.
  Company Profile (ไทย) : บริษัท จอยฟูลเนส จำกัด ให้บริการและคำปรึกษาด้านธุรกิจ, ไอที, อีคอมเมิร์ซ, ดิจิทัลมาร์เก็ตติ้ง และพัฒนาเว็บ/แอพพลิเคชั่นต่างๆแบบ End-to-End-process รวมถึงงานวิจัยต่างๆ Research & Development โดยมีผู้เชี่ยวชาญในด้าน Business strategy, E-Commerce, IT, Financial, Digital marketing และ Statistics เป็นต้น ลูกค้าหลักของเราคือ บริษัทดังมากมาย Fortune 500, ภาครัฐ และองค์การมหาชน Motto: Passion for an excellence is our breath Example of Clients: Central, ETDA, SIPA, GH Bank, SWU CAS, NBTC More detail:

Contact Person      
  Name-Surname(English) : Miss Supatcha Ruenkum
  ชื่อ-สกุล(ไทย) : นางสาว สุพัชชา เรือนคำ
  Position : Assistant to management
  Email :
  Telephone : 023913559
  Mobile : 0946324823

Type of Business    
  IT Service / IT Outsourcing : Yes
  Software Development : Yes
  Software Integration : Yes
  Software Package : Yes
  Other : Business and IT Consulting

Area of Specialization Industry Focus
  1. Banking / Financial / Investment / Insurance
2. Business / Project Management
3. Business Planning
4. Call Center / Help Desk
5. Cloud
6. Call Center / Help Desk<
1. Consulting
2. General Industry
3. Government
4. Retail/Wholesale/Trading
5. Telecommunications/Mobile

Product / Service    
  Product / Service Name 1 : Amazon Cloud
  Product / Service Description 1 :
  Product / Service Name 2 : Atlassian, JIRA, Confluence
  Product / Service Description 2 :
  Product / Service Name 3 : Zendesk
  Product / Service Description 3 :