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Company Information    
  Name of Company(English) : mutita Co.,Ltd.
  ชื่อบริษัท(ภาษาไทย) : มุทิตา บริษัท จำกัด
  Address : 004 Soi 3 M 1 Watpapadoo Road T Tapradoo
  Province : Rayong
  Postcode : 21000
  Telephone : 38613302
  Fax : 38613302
  Email :
  Webpage :
  Company Profile (Eng) : Mutita Software Company Limited is a software developer We provide software solution to meet customer s need . We are the key of many organizations success .Our IT staffs are expert in various aspects such as C ASP Net PHP and Delphi as a development Tools Database INTERBASE FirbirdSQL MS SQL MY SQL The company has allied with the leading IT companies in the world

Type of Business    
  IT Service / IT Outsourcing : No
  Software Development : Yes
  Software Integration : Yes
  Software Package : Yes
  Other :

Area of Specialization Industry Focus
  1. Logistic / Transportation / GIS / Mapping
2. Management Information System
3. Scientific and Engineering
4. Website / Multimedia / Graphics
1. Logistics/ Transportation/GIS
2. Manufacturing

Product / Service    
  Product / Service Name 1 : Logistics Online(LO1)
  Product / Service Description 1 : Logistics Online is is an advanced and feature rich logistics software for Distribution Center Logistic and Transport companies. Its powerful features and ease of use make it a perfect match for any logistics company looking for a complete Logistics Online Software Solution
  Product / Service Name 2 : Competency Online(CO1)
  Product / Service Description 2 : Competency Online is Competency Management software and services will help you rapidly create expand refine combine and implement job descriptions and competency data from one or more sources to meet the needs of your organization. Whether you need to tailor competency model data or take advantage of our competency development expertise we have the data, software and services you need.