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You are here:: Training/Seminar Training Schedule Certified CyberSecurity Specialist (CCSS) (อบรมเชิงปฏิบัติการพร้อมได้รับประกาศนียบัตรในระดับสากล)

Certified CyberSecurity Specialist (CCSS) (อบรมเชิงปฏิบัติการพร้อมได้รับประกาศนียบัตรในระดับสากล)

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Posted by : kotchaphan | Posted On : Friday, 03 January 2020 10:01
Training Date : 01 November 2021 - 05 November 2021

สอบถามข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมไดที่ คุณกชพรรณ 02-583-9992 ต่อ 1425

** บรรยายภาคภาษาอังกฤษโดยวิทยากรต่างชาติ **

สำคัญ!!! กรุณารอการยืนยันเปิดการอบรมจากเจ้าหน้าที่ก่อนการชำระค่าลงทะเบียน

02 August 2021 - 06 August 2021
02 November 2020 - 06 November 2020
03 August 2020 - 07 August 2020
23 March 2020 - 27 March 2020
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กรุณา ล็อกอิน ก่อนลงทะเบียน หรือสร้างบัญชีผู้ใช้ใหม่ได้ ที่นี่
Time : 30 Hour(s)
Days : 5 Day(s)
Duration : 09:00 - 16:00
Fee : 45,000 THB (Excluded Vat 7%)
Language : English
Instructor : Mr.Mohd Hamizi Jamaludin
Objectives :

Course Overview:

The Certified Cyber-Security Specialist training focuses on creating information security individuals who are trained in protecting, detecting and responding to threats on the network.

Information security individuals are usually familiar with network components, traffic, performance and utilization, network topology, location of each system, security policy, etc. This training will prepare students with the fundamental understanding of the true construct of data transfer, network technologies, software technologies so that they understand how networks operate, understand what software automating is and how to analyse the subject material.

In addition, network defense fundamentals, application of network security controls, protocols, perimeter appliances, secure IDS, VPN and firewall configuration, intricacies of network traffic signature, analysis and vulnerability scanning are also covered which will help information security individuals design greater network security policies and successful incident response plans.

Who Should Attend :


This training does not impose any prerequisites, however, we recommend that candidates have at least 1 year of IT administration experience.

Who Should Attend:

- Anyone starting a career in Information Security / Cyber-Security.
- IT professionals wanting to transition their career into Cyber-Security.
- Anyone needing a robust introduction to Cyber-Security.
- Anyone planning to work in a position that requires Cyber-Security knowledge.
- Anyone with Information Security / Cyber-Security responsibilities.
- Anyone who has learned “on the job” but who would benefit from a formal presentation to consolidate their knowledge.
- Professionals familiar with basic IT and Information Security concepts and who need to round out their knowledge.

Course Outline :

Day 1

Cyber-Security Essentials:

- Cyber-Security: The New Frontier
- Cyber-Security & Cybercrime
- Introduction to Cyber Terrorism
- Internet Radicalization
- Terrorist Use of the Internet
- Cyber Terrorism Framework
- Case Studies

Day 2

Understanding Current Threats Landscape:

- CIS Top 20 Critical Controls
- Cyber Range
- Next Gen-Firewalls

New Age Threats:

- Viruses & Worms
- Malware
- Zero Day Attacks
- Vulnerability Exploits
- Phishing / Social Engineering
- Cyber Espionage / Data Theft

Day 3


- Port Scan
- Web-Based Recon & Information Gathering
- Command Line Query

Vulnerability Management:

- Host Scanning
- Web Application Scanning
- Defending Against CVE Vulnerability Attacks

Day 4

Monitoring & Defending Advanced Attacks:

- Splunk - A SIEM Monitoring Tool
- Defending Against IP Layer DDOS Attacks
- Defending Against Transport Layer DDOS Attacks
- Defending Against Application Layer DDOS Attacks
- Defending Against Botnet and C&C

Advanced Security Operations:

- Malware Blocking
- Data Leak Prevention (DLP) / Data Filtering
- File Blocking
- URL Filtering
- Evasion Tactics
- Cyber Espionage / Data Theft

Day 5

Introduction to Security Incident & Incident Handling:

- Security Incident, Processes & Framework
- Incident Handling
- Security Incident Priority
- Handling Intrusion Incident
- Handling Malware Incident
- Handling Phishing Incident
- Handling Spam Incident

Log Analysis:

- Introduction to Log Analysis
- Log Management
- Log Visualization
- Log Analysis
- Hands-On

Payment Condition :

Payment can be made by:

    1. Cash or Credit Card or Bank Cheque payable to “Software Park Thailand #2” (a post-dated cheque is not accepted) on the first day of the service or within the last day of the service.
     2. Account transfer and send the proof of the payment (the deposit slip) via fax or email to fax no. 02-583-2884 or email

        2.1 Siam Commercial Bank, Chaengwattana Branch
             Saving Account Number: 324-2-56262-0
             Account Name: Software Park Thailand#2

        2.2 Krungsri Bank, Chaengwattana (Software Park) Branch
             Saving Account Number: 329-1-34850-3
             Account Name: Software Park Thailand#2

- Withholding tax (3%) is exempt.
- Should you need to withdraw, you must send the notice of the withdrawal in writing no later than 7 working days before the commencement date. The cancellation less than 7 days will be subject to a fine of 40% of the fee.
- Software Park Thailand reserves the rights to cancel courses due to unforeseen circumstances.

Contact Person :

For more information, contact our course coordinator on:

Name: Ms.Kotchaphan Aokdeelert

Tel: +66-2583-9992 Ext. 1425

Fax: +66-2583-2884

Email: or

You are encouraged to use the course schedule as a guide to plan your training. The schedule is accessible at for more information.