Mr.Fares Hasan

Position : Machine Learning and Data Science Practioner
Organization : ITRAIN ASIA PTE. LTD.
Qualifications :


*Python Specialization (Michigan University):
- Python Data Structures
- Using Python to Access Web Data
- Using Databases with Python
- Capstone: Retrieving, Processing, and Visualizing Data with Python
*Data Science Executive (John HopkinsUniversity):
- Building Data Science Team.
- Managing Data Analysis.
- Data Science in real life.
*Data Management & visualization (WesleyanUniversity).
*Applied Data Science with Python (MichiganUniversity).

Education :

Multimedia University, Melaka— B.IT in Artificial Intelligence
(June 2014- June 2017)
Learned about OOP, Data Structures, Computer Vision, NLP, Neural networks, Agent technology, Software Eng., Database systems..etc.

Experiences :

After the realization set in that, Faris do not want to make it as an electronic engineer, he took the decision to go and try something new out of pure curiosity and thirst for new adventure. It didn't come quite handy but he have changed his major three times. Faris have a strong passion for AI, machine learning and data science. Has been working with Fintech start-up (Pod for microsaving) to build a data strategy and providing AI powered solutions.

Fares have worked on various projects with medical imaging in diagnosing tuberculosis using chest x-ray images has given him a purpose and clarity of the quality of life we could achieve from developing artificial intelligence technologies. His next mission is to further research in this field for there Faris could contribute by an ounce for the betterment of humanity.

He is also focused on contributing to various initiatives workshops and meetups to spread the knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning in support of the democratization of Ai technology. He is a contributor to DevCon initiative by MAGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation Center) in the machine learning chapter by conducting the bi-monthly workshop for a group of participants, students, and working professionals. He worked with CIMB 3D program to raise the awareness of artificial intelligence as part of the workforce development program.

Sedania Innovator, Selangor — Data Scientist (Nov 2017 – present)
Analysing traffic and user behavior for telecommunication clients on the airtime sharing/request service platform. Building dashboards in Tableau and Google Data Studio, investigating unusual patterns, and providing data-driven insights and recommendations. Driving the organization's initiative to adopt visual analytics across various business units and departments.

Machine Learning Engineer, Selangor — Freelance (June 2017 - Dec 2017)
Developing Object detection solution for spatial environment, enhancing detection using computer vision techniques and Deep Learning.

V Ventures Asia, Bandar Sunway— Software Engineering (March 2016 - June 2016)
Worked on building the backend of the one-stop online scholarship application platform. Involved in the development stages from analysis and design to the deployment and testing of the product.

Publications :

Classification of Tuberculosis with SURF Spatial Pyramid Features — Research Paper Accepted in ICORAS 2017
- Conference Used a modified Spatial Pyramid Features with SURF descriptors on classifying TB chest radiographs, reports on the performance of each level of the pyramid in comparison with the complete pyramid features. (

Classification of Tuberculosis Chest Radiographs using the Ensemble Method — Research Paper Accepted in the ICORAS 2017
- Conference
 Used the HOG and LBP features to represent the lung anatomy and experimented two algorithms from the boosting family of the ensemble method. The AdaBoost performance was significant with 88% AUC score.

(Pending publication)
Texture Classification Tuberculosis Chest Radiographs using the LBP and GLCM — Research Paper submitted to MVA
- Conference 2017 -Nagoya, Japan

Experimented the use of two features from the content based image retrieval family and object detection family with the MLP classifier.

2nd runner in Multimedia University Data Analytics Hackathon 2014