Mr.Teerachai Laothong

Position :
Organization : Perf Enterprise Co., Ltd
Qualifications :

- Microsoft Certified Trainer.

- MCPD for Enterprise Application, Web Application, MCSD, MCAD

- Microsoft Certified Professional, 2003.

- Certified IT professional by NECTEC, 18th March, 2001.

- Member of IEEE.

- Instructor for many government and public organizations.

- Consultant for many companies.

Education :

B.Eng. in Computer Engineering (First honored class)

Khon Kaen University


Experiences :


- CIO, Perf Enterprise Co., Ltd.

- General Manager, Perf Limited Partnership.

- Technical Consultant in .NET Technology for many organizations.

- Project Consultant in Process Improvement for the company.

- ASP.NET Web Application Development.

- Designing and Implementing SOA Projects.

- Biometrics-related Solution Development.


- Created a chat program using Java.

- Wrote a talk program using Java.

- Developed a database client program using Java JDBC to create, insert, delete and search content in database and also designed and developed database used with those.

- Developed an application to query an index from stock markets using Java.

- Created an application framework using Java Swing to build graphic user interface.

- Created an image-processing program using MATLAB's image processing toolbox.

- Wrote a digital signal-processing program using MATLAB's DSP toolbox.

- Enhanced an image using morphology in MATLAB.

- Wrote a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) program using MATLAB to analysis frequency domain of digital signals.

- Designed an integrated circuit (IC) using VHDL. (VHSIC Hardware Description Language) to simulate alarm clock.

- Designed and developed a primitive assembler in C++ language.

- Designed and wrote a shortest-path finder program using C++.

- Designed 3D Models and its animation using SoftImage 3D for Silicon Graphics.

- Designed VRML web pages using Cosmo World for Silicon Graphics.

- Designed and developed web pages for the teacher at HCU.

Publications :